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I am very excited to be attending a 2 day wedding photography workshop organised by the Royal Photographic Society

The (Not so) Reluctant Wedding Photographer

I have been asked a number of times over the years if I would photograph friends' weddings and to take portraits of them and their families.

Up until now I have resisted, with the exception of acting as a 'secondary, unofficial' photographer at one friend's wedding.

For the weddings, this has mainly been because I feel the enormity of the responsibility of what they are asking me to do - you only have one wedding day, right? For the portraits ... well, I guess I have no real excuse for that other than that my camera equipment was fairly basic (what's that I hear you say? Something about workmen and their tools?) and that I can usually be found on the Sussex Downs photographing landscapes in my spare time.

However, with the fairly recent upgrade of my camera to a Canon EOS 7D and the purchase of some very good lenses and a sturdy, top of the range Manfroto tripod, I now have the equipment for the job. Furthermore, the friend whose wedding I took photographs at ended up making up most of her wedding album from my photographs, as she preferred them to the official ones.

So, it would appear all my excuses have now vanished....

I am looking forward to spending two days in the beautiful surroundings of Lacock in Wiltshire in July learning everything there is to know (and that can be crammed into two full days) about wedding photography.

So next time I am asked to photograph someone's wedding, perhaps I will not be the reluctant wedding photographer any more ....