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People often tell me I am lucky.

Make Your own Luck

People often tell me I am lucky.

Usually they tell me this with a wistful sigh, or sometimes in a slightly aggravated note to their voice. Sometimes they tell me they believe if I fell in manure, I would come up smelling like roses.

I totally agree with them. I am lucky and it’s great.

However, do I believe I am any luckier than them, or you for that matter? No, I don’t.

So, what is the difference between me and the people who wish they were lucky, like me? Simple; I choose to be lucky.

I believe that old adage ‘you make your own luck’.

I also believe that if I believe I am lucky, then I will be lucky, which in itself is the same thing as making my own luck.

If I enter competitions, I don’t dwell on them, I enter them and move on. If I win one, then I am lucky because I won…
… (I have forgotten about the other fifty I didn’t win).

If I apply for a new job or sit an exam, I do my homework beforehand. I prepare. When I am offered the position, or I pass the exam, I know I am lucky...
… (I am lucky because my hard work and preparation paid off).

If I decide to try and do something, I don’t hold back, I go for it. If it doesn’t work out, I use the experience to move on and improve. I often succeed, so I am lucky…
… (I am lucky because I believed I could achieve something and so didn’t hold back, I am lucky because the previous times when it hasn’t worked have allowed me to learn from my mistakes and get it right this time, I am lucky because I didn’t give up).

When I am taking landscape photographs and I get ‘the shot’. The one I love and that other people want to hang on their walls. The one with the gorgeous light or the fantastic skies. I am lucky.
… (I am lucky because I have been to the same point hundreds of times, I have been out in all weathers and at all times of the day or night and have taken thousands of photographs and have finally managed to get ‘the one’).

I think being an optimist goes hand in hand with being a lucky person. I am a glass half-full girl.

If something goes well, I enjoy the success and allow myself to celebrate it. If something doesn’t go so well, I try not to wallow in self-pity. I try not to ask, ‘why am I so unlucky’, but rather look for the positives. I might see a missed train connection as a chance to explore a new place (while I wait for the next train), for example. A missed job opportunity could be seen as a good thing because had I got that job offer, I would not have applied for and got the job I currently have. Burning the dinner means I have a great excuse to order my favourite takeaway food.

You see, it is all about perception. How I perceive it and how others perceive it.

To the onlooker, I am always lucky, because I take the positives from a situation and present them as luck.

I make my own luck. You should make yours too.